Our Banh mi

Our Banh Mi makes people dance! sometimes..  We like to change our menu and keep our food seasonal and fresh.  That said there are a few items that have landed on the menu that are just to good to change.  This is our signature sandwich with fresh bread from our favorite Vietnamese/French bakery. The pork is marinaded in our lemongrass marinade then grilled and tossed on the flat top with a soy glaze that caramelizes. Fresh cilantro, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrot with thinly sliced jalapeno and rooster mayo. It's ridiculously good and makes people dance!


Where do we go?


Catch Peeps Hot Box out and about at local breweries, festivals and civic events.  Follow us on twitter and check out our calendar. 

If you have a corporate event, wedding, anniversary or party you would like to have delicious food at, contact us today. peepshotbox@gmail.com


our mission

we strive to serve our customers with an experience of food that goes beyond expectations.

" you can't just give them some old somthin' or other." -chef jessi