Never sell a Lucky Kitty

Our business relies on lots of little things to help us get things done and tell our story.  We have our favorite spoons for scooping and knives that slice things just right, pots that are the right size and pen holders to keep things in their place. We also have a Lucky kitty that brings us luck and should never be underestimated.  Recently we had a very busy week and everything was going great!  Business was rolling in and it seemed like we could do nothing wrong.  We catered a party for a big company in town. At that party a woman came up to the truck and asked if she could buy the Kitty in the window.  We told her that the kitty was lucky and was not for sale.  The woman persisted and asked what it would take to purchase the kitty.  We threw out a number that we thought was ridiculous to pay for such a thing but the woman didn't bat an eye and raised the number!  Luck kitty sold..  

The following week started off rough.  We were in the weeds and struggling to get out.  Business was slow and the weather was not co-operating. One of us cut a finger tip off and our water pump went out.  We tried to replace Kitty, but her replacement had a bad arm and didn't wave properly.  We finally brought it back and got one that worked.  

Things are back on track now but be warned.  Never sell your lucky Kitty. 

Charles Johnson